Solar Pool Heating

Why Solar?

Millions of people worldwide have been enjoying solar heated swimming pools for decades. The U.S. Department of Energy has identified swimming pools as a huge consumer of energy and has recognized solar pool heating as one of the most cost-effective means of reducing energy consumption. Solar pool heating systems are the best investment a pool owner can make.


While the initial costs of a Solar Pool Heating System for an in-ground pool may equal or exceed those of other heaters, they return the cost difference in fuel savings within the first 3 years. You always save money with a solar heated pool.

Reliability and Safety

Solar heating systems have no heat exchangers that fail from corrosion, no fan motors nor compressors that can break down. Your investment in a Vasco Solar pool heating system is protected by a manufacturer limited lifetime warranty. Solar Industries systems have been in use for over thirty years. Solar systems have neither flames nor fans; they just keep heating your pool quietly, safely and reliably, season after season.

Protect the Environment

You can enjoy the comfort of your solar heated pool, knowing that you are using an environmentally friendly energy source, while you conserve our natural resources.


The simplicity of solar pool heating systems means that operation and maintenance requirements are minimal. Solar heat is free heat!

Vasco Solar individually designs each pool heating system. Many factors need to be considered when contemplating solar heating and each installation is unique. A typical solar pool heating system for an average in-ground 15′ x 30′ pool costs between $5,500 – $7,000 fully installed. It would include automatic temperature control, is easily maintained, is reliable and does not pollute the environment.

A Smart Investment

Once you install your Vasco Solar pool heating system, heating your pool is free! You will no longer need to worry about the cost of enjoying a warm, comfortable pool or spa. As fossil fuel prices continue to skyrocket, your comparative pool heating savings will only increase!

The System Pays for Itself!

A Vasco Solar Pool Heater is a one-time investment and typically pays for itself in less than three years.

Carefree Pool Enjoyment

A swimming pool provides a great way to exercise, relax, spend time with friends and family, and beat the summer heat. With Solar pool heating, you can virtually eliminate your operating and maintenance costs. So go ahead, enjoy the luxuriously warm temperatures of your pool and spa as often as you like with complete peace of mind. Not only will your solar investment will save you thousands year after year, it will play an important role in reducing the toxic emissions that cause pollution and global warming.

Increased Property Value!

Research indicates that solar systems increase your property’s value! Additionally, this is an attractive feature for prospective homebuyers should you sell your home in the future.

Low Maintenance!

While gas and electric pool heaters should be serviced every year, Vasco Solar Pool Heaters require very little maintenance. Less maintenance means less expense and less hassle!

Benefits for Commercial Applications

For commercial pools, you will receive all of these benefits and more. You will save thousands in energy costs year after year. Solar pool heating is a wise investment and should be a priority in the design of every commercial pool – not an afterthought.

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