Recommended Readings

Economics of Solar Electric Systems for Consumers: Payback and Other Financial Tests
(Andy Black)

This is an excellent paper which helps compare solar investment to other investments on an even basis.The author brings to light that rigorous treatment and critical analyses from several angles includingCompound Annual Rate of Return, Cash Flow, and Resale Value need to be considered to do a fair assessment. Solar will make economic sense for many, but only a hard look at the numbers will tell.

Photovoltaic System Pricing Trends Historical, Recent, and Near-Term Projections 2014 Edition
(National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Great article on Photovoltaic Pricing Trends. This briefing provides a high-level overview of historical, recent, and projected near-term PV system pricing trends in the United States, drawing on several ongoing research activities at LBNL and NREL.

Solar Home Owners Battle Their Electric Companies: The growing popularity of rooftop solar power spurs a utility backlash
(David Biello)

The growing popularity of solar power on rooftops spurs a utility backlash in ScientificAmerican.


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