Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar water heaters, often referred to as solar domestic hot water systems or thermal systems, may be a good investment for your household. Families mainly invest in a solar domestic hot water system to provide an abundant supply of hot water. Domestic hot water solar systems provide the majority of the hot water, so no more cold showers!

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Using energy from the sun to heat water is one of the oldest uses of solar energy. Today, several million homes and businesses use solar water heating systems. They provide consumers a cost-effective and reliable choice for hot water.

A solar water heater will not only save you money but it will also help protect our environment. One to two tons of carbon dioxide are generated by a single conventional water heater every year. Other pollutants, such as sulfur dioxides, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides are also displaced when a homeowner decides to go green and tap into a cleaner source of energy – the sun.

How Active Domestic or Residential Hot Water Systems Work

The solar collectors, usually located on the rooftop, absorb the sun’s heat and directly warm the water. An electric pump circulates the water from a hot water storage tank (usually located in the garage or utility room) up to the collector and back. The tank then holds the heated water for when the household needs it. A differential temperature controller ensures that the maximum available thermal energy is collected from the sun to heat the water.

Vasco Solar Energy custom designs each system.

Although the initial cost of solar water heating systems may be higher than that of conventional water heaters, the fuel (the sun), is Free. With federal tax incentives the cost of the systems may be less and the payback period shorter. How quickly you recoup your total investment depends on how much water you use and the current utility rates.

Vasco Solar domestic water systems are reasonably priced. Average costs for a two panel systems range from $5,500 – $7,000 (There is currently a 30% federal tax credit). It includes two Hot Water Collectors, a Solar Storage Tank, Insulation, a Pump, and an Automatic Control. It is easily maintained, is reliable and does not pollute the environment.

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