Solar System Operation Procedures

  1. Be sure the pump is on. When the pump is on, the indicator “power on” will be lit.
  2. Turn the “function” switch on the solar controller to the “Automatic Operation” position.
  3. Set the “Water Temp” to the desired temperature. Low is 60° F and high is 104°F. The control limits the temperature the pool or spa will become.
  4. Depending upon whether there is sufficient sunlight to heat the pool water, either one of the two indicator lights will be lit. As their name indicates, one indicator shows if the flow is through the collectors and the other shows if the water flow bypasses the solar collectors.
  5. When the water flow is through the solar collectors there will be a slight increase of filter pressure of approximately 4-7 pounds per square inch as indicated on the filter pressure gauge.
  6. When the water flow begins to circulate through the solar collectors there will be bubbles lasting for about 3 minutes as the air is being purged out of the system.

Homeowners – How to Handle

Backwashing the Filter

  1. Turn off the automatic controller, and wait for the solar valve to completely turn to the Bypass position.
  2. Turn the red handle ball valve to the Off position so it is perpendicular with its pipe.
  3. Backwash as normal.
  4. Add diatomaceous earth.
  5. Wait half an hour for the earth to settle in the filter.
  6. Turn red handled ball valve to open position.
  7. Switch the control to Automatic or to the ON position.

Freeze Protection

Please Drain System Before November 15 and Leave off Until March 1

(Most of our systems drain automatically; ask your installer for details)

  1. Turn the automatic solar controller to the OFF position.
  2. Turn off main pump to allow for drainage. One hour minimum.
  3. Turn off the red handle ball valve to isolate the solar collectors.
  4. Open the 1/2″ ball valve to allow any water to drain out completely. Leave open until Spring start-up.

To eliminate the time and dollars involved in unnecessary service calls, use this checklist for your system.

Homeowners – “What to Do If…”

To Eliminate the Time and Dollars Involved in Unnecessary Service Calls
Use This Checklist for Your System

  1. If the “Flow through collector” indicator light does not go on when you believe the system should be collecting heat and the pump is on, verify that the “Function” switch is in the automatic position. If still no light, put the “Function” switch in the “Flow through collector” position. If still no light then the control will need to be checked by a technician.
  2. If there are no initial bubbles when the system is turned on:
    1. Make sure the main filter pump is on.
    2. Make sure the solar control is in the Automatic position.
    3. Check all pipe connections.
    4. Make sure the temperature knob is set to the correct water temperature.
  3. If bubbles appear not to diminish after a few minutes, try to clean or back wash the filter. Also, check the pump basket and remove any debris. This normally will take care of any excessive air in your system.

Helpful Heating Tips

  1. If possible to adjust how much water is drawn from the skimmer and main drain, try to draw as much water from the main drain as possible. Automatic pool cleaners are great with solar.
  2. Set the pump timer to turn on 11:00AM and turn off at 5:00 PM As soon as the pool reaches the desired temperature, you can run the pool pump less hours per day.
  3. Point the water jets (inlets) down so the heated water is pushed deep into the pool.

Estimate Your Solar Power System

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