Solar Home Financing Methods

Given the economic benefits associated with solar power systems, the number of  installations has increased dramatically over the last decade and new technologies make the systems innovative, intelligent and outstanding investments.

When you purchase your system it increases your home’s value and you receive the 30% tax credit.  If you are in a lease, you often pay 2 – 3 times more than a purchased system.

Purchase Options


A dollar saved in the future isn’t worth as much as a dollar saved today. While you are taxed on stock market dividends, you are not taxed on the savings from your solar! Our customers average a Pre-Tax Compound Annual Rate of Return (IRR) over 25 years of between 25 – 35 %.

Credit Card Payment

Many Vasco customers will pay for their systems using their credit cards, where they will often enjoy the benefits of earning travel or rewards points.  There may be a credit card convenience fee.

Finance through one of our Credit Union partners! 0$ down. Low monthly fixed payments. 7, 12, 15 & 20- year terms. No escalator fees and No prepayment penalty. Free energy after loan term.

Keep your 30% federal tax credit, own your system free and clear, while increasing your home’s value.

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

Customers may qualify for the home mortgage interest deduction, while paying the loan down at their own pace.

With any of the purchase options above, you receive the 30% Tax Credit.

Click Here for the IRS Form

The sooner your installation is complete, the sooner you will reduce your electric bill!


Estimate Your Solar Power System

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