Solar Electricity

Photovoltaic or PV

Solar electric systems use a chemical reaction to sunlight to generate electricity. The panels that are used to create the electricity are called photovoltaic modules. PV systems generate electricity during the day only and usually are generating their highest amount of electricity in the afternoon. PV systems do not generate electricity at night. When it is cloudy, rainy, or if the modules are dirty the PV system will generate less energy.

California leads the nation in the total number of homes which have solar panels installed. The majority of the systems are connected to the local utility. This is called a grid-connected system.

When a PV system does not generate enough electricity to power the home or business (for example, at night) the local utility provides power to the site. When the PV system generates more electricity than the site can use, the excess electricity flows back in to the grid. All of this is done automatically.

With a Vasco Solar Electric System, You Can:

  • Dramatically reduce your electric bill
  • Protect yourself from future rate hikes
  • Increase the value of your property without paying higher taxes
  • Significantly reduce the toxic emissions that harm our planet
  • Reduce our dependence on oil

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